Korea’s first cosmeceutical brand It’s Skin
Dermatologists combined hypo-allergenic formulas and natural elements into cutting-edge skin science, which created It’s Skin, the cosmeceutical brand with affordable prices. Not only skin care products but also makeup products are formulated by dermatologists, and it is reliable since all products have gone through dermatological testing. Scientific formulae and natural composition add to its effectiveness and stability. It’s Skin is a brand for all age groups. It’s Skin promises to bring beauty and vitality to your skin.
* Cosmeceutical *
It is a composite word that is made by putting together the two words cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. It is a new product with both functional cosmetics and clinical remedial power. Cosmeceutical products, which show improved effectiveness and stability from the existing cosmetics or medicine, have rapid, stable, and excellent influence on the skin.

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