With its origins and deep expertise from the pharmaceutical industry, Aestura is Amorepacific’s subsidiary company specializing in medical beauty, housing eight revolutionary brands under cosmeceutical and dermatological medicine category. Among these is the Aestura brand, which specializes in using medical knowledge to treat dry and damaged skin with effective products like our Aestura Atobarrier for intense hydration. With the use of natural ingredient phytophingosine, Atobarrier inhibits the growth of many kinds of bacteria such as colon bacillus, or acne bacteria. Aestura is a dermacare brand for consumers, proven to be safe even for infants and children, and long recommended by physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. Additional brands include CLEVIEL, a high-concentration HA dermal filler brand, and MEDITOXIN, a brand specializing in medicinal eye twitch treatments.

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